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Since its inception in 2010 Multi-Link cargo has made a name in the freight forwarding industry both locally and globally through global alliances. We are present at major ports of entry namely Beitbridge, Forbes, Nyamapanda, Chirundu and Plumtree border posts.



We provide sea freight on both full container and less container loads (Consolidations). For Less container loads, we will provide Suppliers with our nearest warehouse delivery address within countries globally for consolidation, clearance and shipping until door step delivery. We also move full container loads from any sea port worldwide. We therefore encourage our existing and potential clients to make purchases on FOB country of origin so that they benefit from total visibility of their valued shipments and peace of mind as we move shipments through our shipment updates.


We take charge of Beira and Durban sea ports clearance before vessel arrival and complete processes upon shipments discharge from vessels.


We do the vetting of reliable transporters for and on behalf of clients. We also provide logistical services, thus, planning shipment`s journey including routing from start to last end.


We perform clearance procedures for exporters and importers. We source best airlines and book spaces for clients` shipments and move same from country of origin to country of destination.


Our Warehouse is situated at NRZ, Harare. We offer Storage facility to our importing clients. Our storage facility is also extended to the general local public.


We have own agents bond as well as RIT/RIB bond with ZIMRA, the customs regulatory authority. We offer clearance services for direct imports and exports. Apart from direct imports and exports we customs clear transit shipments as well as shipments whose duty payments are deferred (removal in bond shipments). We also offer advisory services on customs and shipping issues. Our greatest strengths is vast experience and knowledge, complemented by strong customer orientation


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Posted by William Chibanda – Marketing and Forwarding manager



Following massive investments by the Mozambican government in partnership with the Exim Bank of China in dredging, port facilities, road rehabilitation and widening since April 2015, Beira Port has arguably become the most preferred sea port for Zimbabwean shippers.

Some advantages of Using Beira Port

  • Distance between Beira and Harare is approximately 562 Km. Thus, less transit time compared to Durban which is about 1679 KM.
  • It follows therefore that Beira road freight is much lower compared to alternative sea ports.
  • There is over border container charge above USD5000 for containerised shipments coming through Durban. In the likely event that container turn-in is Durban, additional transport costs would apply. This same over border container charge does not apply for cargo coming through Beira port. To circumvent the prohibitive deposit, shippers unpack/de-stuff containers and move their valued cargo as break-bulk.
  • Because cargo move in containers from Beira, there is less handling, less chances of goods damaged, theft and even pilferage



Published by William Chibanda



Customs and forwarding industry is a specialised field whose mistakes are costly to either of the parties involved in the supply chain. Some of them include but not limited to the following:

1.Requesting Quotations Without Accurate Weights / Dimensions

Quote requests with inaccurate or incomplete information can result in misquotes and supplementary invoices which might not have been budgeted for. Thus seemingly bad pricing quotes for customers. This can have a detrimental effect on the costs of shipping products and result in supply chain inefficiencies. The resultant effect is negative on all parties involved in the shipping process, including the shipper, the forwarder, and the end customer. As the saying “experience is the best tutor,” Multilink Cargo understands this challenge quite well. Experience has taught us to invest time to understand clients` shipments and their total requirements in order to achieve a flawless service delivery.

  1. Late Provision of Forwarding and Clearing Documents

It is not only important but necessary that the proper documents are ready and in-hand when the freight is ready to be moved. Otherwise can lead to loss of valuable time. In the freight industry, time is indeed money. Time wasted will have a detrimental effect on deadline fulfillment which can subsequently lead to additional yet avoidable costs such as storage charges, demurrages and fines by our customs authorities. At Multilink Cargo we understand the rules of the game.

  1. Forwarder – Importer/Exporter Relationship

Forwarding is a specialized field. Without doubt, knowledge, competence, experience and networking is everything. Importing/exporting product without a real relationship with your forwarder can result in a slower overall process, which increases supply chain inefficiencies. In the case of Multi-Link Cargo, we understand that every client exhibits unique needs and dreams. That is the reason why we invest time to understand our clients better that competition. We take shipment ownership the moment we are given the mandate to forward and perform customs formalities. Clients are our partners in business.

  1. Notice on Shipping Needs and Patterns in Advance

Importers and Exporters expecting to ship regularly, need to provide the forwarder with as much information as possible on your specific needs or patterns. Examples of such information includes monthly shipping schedules and product descriptions can make a forwarders job relatively easier. In return, customers can expect faster fulfillment times and greater overall supply chain efficiency. An association with Multilink Cargo would benefit exporters and importers in more ways than one. One such benefit being competitive rates and terms for your valued shipments. For example, most Importers are unaware that one of our shipping terms on Sea freight services is that clients will have an option of paying for sea freight within 21 days. This has the added benefit of allowing clients to meet other financial obligations knowing fully well that they would pay for sea freight after 21 days! Now, isn`t that a good deal?


For further information, kindly get in touch with us. We are good in finding the best sea, air and road freight terms and deals available and would love to assist!

Published by William Chibanda (Marketing And Forwarding Department)


Multilink Cargo (Pvt) Ltd-Zimbabwe is one of the most recognized and respected names in the shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing and transport business in Zimbabwe. Multilink Cargo was incorporated in 2010 from the merging of two existing freight companies with specialities in all freight spheres a move which secured the company a reasonable market share.


Multi Link Cargo is member of CLC Projects. http://clcprojects.com



Multilink Cargo is registered with ZIMRA. https://zimra.co.zw/